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Created 17-Apr-13
21 photos

paris may 04 lib under eiffel towerparis may 04 lib standing on pillarparis may 04 residential block from aboveparis may 04 libby in front of notre dameparis may 04 lib with van gogh musee dorsayparis may 04 trees from eiffel tower aboveparis may 04 trees from eiffel tower above A4lib sitting on pillarsparis may 04 bicycle in courtyardparis may 04 bike rideparis may 04 chimney potsparis may 04 cityscape from eiffelparis may 04 courtyard with bikeparis may 04 couple shadows from eiffel towerparis may 04 eiffel tower long shadows A4paris may 04 gary lib at top of eiffel towerparis may 04 gary lib musee dorsayparis may 04 les invalidesparis may 04 lib eclairparis may 04 lib in front of eiffel tower

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