My camera goes with me everywhere. My passions of travel and photography has afforded some opportunities for images in some inaccessible places. Iceland, South Africa, New Zealand, Zimbabwe, Canada, Israel, Namibia and Costa Rica are all favourite locations. Sometimes however, a great image presents itself right on your doorstep - literally, in the case of the water drops images. My portfolio majors on landscapes, architectural and street photography. I'm always on the lookout for the quirky.

I feel privileged to have grown-up using manual cameras, film and old-school darkroom techniques. This gives me an appreciation of aesthetic and technique that can only be achieved ‘in camera’. I love being in control of the whole creative process, from scouting through to presentation. 
I'm currently working on a black and white photography project called 'interesting hands and hands doing interesting things'. I'm also collecting images of tourists taking photos of landmarks on their smartphones.
I am a Getty Images contributor, where my images are available for sale or licence.

Additional images are available on my Flikr account

In case you were wondering about the little guy in the striped jacket, that's me age 5 at St. Georges school for wayward louts. Thanks for the haircut Mum.

Gary Colet