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Created 11-Feb-18
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The sleeping blue underground monsterCrossrail escalator.bwCrossrail ceiling detail tusks bwCrossrail Liverpool St pinstripe ceiling bwCrossrail construction rebarCrossrail escalator bwCrossrail escalator plumb line bwCrossrail Finsbury Square shaft bw.Crossrail fox paw printsCrossrail concrete reinforementCrossrail ElliotCrossrail tunnel orange ppeCrossrail escalators Jenni Shakira Liz Jenni ElliotCrossrail  Jenni Shakira Liz on escalatorCrossrail platformCrossrail Liz and Jenni Finsbury Square.Crossrail Jenni and Liz Finsbury SquareCrossrail barrierNorthern Line hands makeupCrossrail escalator blue

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