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Created 13-May-17
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Lamp, lampost, coffee and Blackfriars Bridge reflectionLondon Blackfriars Bridge and St Pauls silhouetteBig Ben and quiffTower Bridge female tourist with smartphoneTower Bridge male tourist with smartphoneLeake Street Waterloo graffiti cansWaterloo Leake Street ceiling graffitiLondon Waterloo Leake Street silhouetteLondon Waterloo traffic marshall London Eye halo.Relaxing on Fortune Street park benchSnoozing at Barbican tableThe scent of London's undergroundBrass model of  Tower in front of the real Tower.tifBrass model of  Tower Bridge in front of the real bridge.tifBrass model of HMS Belfast in front of the real shipdont spill the coffeeEros selfie stickEros on smartphoneWhitney Museum Empire State iPhone

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